Industrial Outdoor Storage Portfolio

Turnbridge is building an Industrial Outdoor Storage (IOS) portfolio specifically targeting high-barrier-to-entry, infill locations that maintain significantly higher demand-to-supply ratios than other markets. The growth in last-mile, urban-industrial warehouse development due to the rise in next-day and same-day delivery has resulted in a dramatically reduced supply of mostly unimproved land sites that can be used for fleet and trailer parking to serve high-density population centers, such as New York City and Los Angeles. Turnbridge’s IOS markets of focus are situated proximate to multiple demand drivers, including major airports, container terminals, and interstate highways, which facilitate the flow of goods and services throughout the county. To date, Turnbridge has acquired three IOS sites totaling 347,172 square feet and continues to expand its portfolio.

555 W. 189th
19500 Rancho Way
2647 Stillwell Avenue
, CA
Asset Class
3 Properties
347,000 SF Total
Date Acquired
Various, Beginning in 2023
Date Sold
Currently Owned by Turnbridge